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Patient Testimonials

Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.


Avoided Surgery

"I injured my right knee while tubing on Lake Erie at the end of this summer.  I went to the emergency room and the physician at ECMC said it was most likely a meniscus injury.  I was referred to an Orthopedist and a physical exam with the orthopedist indicated a positive result for a likely meniscus tear.  I was referred for a MRI of the knee to see extent of tear.  I was given a suggestion by a friend to visit Dr. Latona-Brzezinski to see if she could help.  She examined my knee, applied electrical stimulations, and guided me through several exercises over a few weeks.  I followed up with Orthopedist after an MRI and the Orthopedist was AMAZED at the results.  NO tear seen.  He was SHOCKED. He stated that he had in his notes that he was going to refer me to a Sports Orthopedist for a complete tear repair that he was more than certain I had.  Thanks to Dr. Latona-Brzezinski, she was able to prevent me from having surgery and missing extra time from work."

  • Doug B. - East Aurora, NY


Finally, Relief

I have had back pain ever since I can remember. I have been to countless doctors, tried a ton
of meds and nothing ever seemed to help. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Latona-Brzezinski, and after 3
treatments from her, I was pain free! It has been about 2 years now since I first saw her and I have been pain free since, this is the only thing that has helped me in all of the years that I have had pain. I wish I would have known her sooner!

  • Roz D.-E. Amherst, NY


Looking Forward to My Next Appointment!

I had my first visit with Dr. Kristen on Friday from a referral from a current client who takes her entire family here and I was so impressed! They were so accommodating (as I was 10 minutes late due to obnoxious traffic) and the Dr. explained each procedure before she did it, calmed my fears about having an adjustment to my neck, and even gave me a distracting technique that works on pediatrics....and me :) She truly took the time with the appointment answering every question I had and I am looking forward to my next appointment as I haven't felt this good in months! I am so happy I took the first step to come here! Thank you so much for the great care from beginning to end!!!

  • Jill L. - Amherst


A Parent's Perspective

"My husband and I cannot be happier with Dr. Latona-Brzezinski for her care in treating our daughter, Jorja. We have always believed in the benefits of chiropractic and we had been seeing her even prior to the birth of Jorja. The day of Jorja’s birth we knew that we wanted her to be treated right away as we have always heard about the benefits of chiropractic care in infants and knew that Dr. Latona-Brzezinski specialized in children. So we called her and asked her if she was available to come to the hospital which she was and she did. Jorja had gotten adjusted when she was two days old and it has been wonderful.

     The pediatrician wanted Jorja to be put on medication for her acid reflux disorder. We didn’t want her to have to be on a medication twice a day for who knows how long, so we asked Dr. Latona-Brzezinski if she could help her. She said that it was not necessary to give her medication with regular chiropractic treatments. With that being done, Jorja’s acid reflux has been kept under control WITHOUT medication.

     When Jorja was six weeks old, we were unfortunately in a car accident in which a woman rear ended us. After seeing Jorja’s pediatrician, I immediately had called Dr. Latona-Brzezinski for her to evaluate her and treat her if needed. She had given her a thorough exam and based on what I had been noticing and what she had found, Jorja had received treatment from the accident and is still being adjusted and is doing fantastic.

We are so grateful for all she has done for our family. Dr. Latona-Brzezinski adjusts all of us and we will always recommend her to anyone of any age group.


Thank you, Dr. Latona-Brzezinski!"

  • Tina S. - Williamsville, NY


No More Tests

"My first visit to my primary to have my left leg looked at was five years ago. My right knee and ankle had been swollen for over two years. My family doctor kept sending me for tests, but no one knew why my right leg was swollen. After approximately two months of treatment at Natural Pain Management and Wellness, the swelling had decreased substantially and remains that way today."

  • Denise B. - Williamsville, NY


A Stronger Back Through Chiropractic

"I am a skeptic at heart, and I have to admit that I was hesitant to seek chiropractic help. But after almost three years of suffering daily and refusing to consider back surgery as an option, I came to Natural Pain Management and Wellness. The pain I had begun to experience in my wrists is gone and my daily dosage of medication has become unnecessary. Now I feel confident that my commitment to my health and support by chiropractic will make me more comfortable, stronger and healthier."

  • Cathy M. - Depew, NY


Small Adjustments for Pain Relief

"For a number of years, I had been bothered by back and arthritic hip pain. Then the pain became acute. Doctors offered only surgery or heavy pain killers. I was referred by an acquaintance to Natural Pain Management and Wellness. After a series of adjustments, I experienced immediate relief and have continued to improve."

  • Mike R. - Amherst, NY



I got my life back!

I would like to say to you and your staff that I am surrounded by great professional and friends which have given me this chance to live again. This is the lowest weight I have been in over 10 years and I thank everyone for that. I especially thank my daughter Stephanie and my great friend Mary Lou and "my second daughter" Melissa for putting me in contact with Dr. Kristen. It would be remissed if I did not thank my lovely wife Sandy for being by me thru thick and thin. I love everyone involved in this journey and these last 4 months have been a blessing in disguise. Dr. Kristen, you are the best, I could never have done this without you.


  • Russ B-Williamsville, NY


No more acid Reflux

I have had stomach pain and acid reflux my whole life.  I felt hopeless that I would never feel completely myself after years of doctors appointments, prescriptions and diet changes.  Once I saw Dr. Latona-Brzezinski, she was able to target my problem and adjust my stomach.  This has been a blessing as I no longer deal with the constant nausea and bloating.  Amazing practice, amazing people and amazing results!

  • Kaity- Marilla, NY


A different type of chiropractor

I have been a patient of Dr Latona's for the past six months and am very lucky to have found her! The care Dr. Latona provides is unlike any other Chiropractor. She genuinely cares about her patients, is personable and incredibly knowledgeable. Dr Latona goes above and beyond for her patients. She treats her patients holistically, looking at the patient as a whole and not just at the site that causes pain. Dr. Latona has helped me manage my pain and I am so grateful! I have seen other chiropractors in the past and would highly recommend Dr. Latona to anyone searching for a chiropractor. She has been a wonderful addition to the medical community and we are lucky to have her!


  • Amanda W-Amherst, NY
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